Caislean Cnucha

Although I have lived in Castleknock for most of my life, I rarely look around here and think “wow that’s interesting” ! On my quest for castles and adventures, I have failed to mention that I grew up pretty much a 10 minute walk from the ruins of a Norman castle.

When we were kids, we would sneak onto the grounds of The Castleknock College to try get a close up look at the castle. I was always a bit wary as it is haunted by the Ghost of the White Lady. There is also a graveyard beside the castle, which adds to the eerie atmosphere. Oh and I can’t forget the  cursed warriors who are buried under the observatory on the other hill.  There is quite a but of mystery here!!

I’ve never paid too much attention to the Castle on the Hill, but after doing a little research, it turns out to be pretty interesting!

Before the castle was built, the site was used as an ancient burial ground, and human remains, possibly dating from Pagan times were found.

Castleknock Castle set the scene for many bloody battles and changed hands through the years.  People who held the castle include Hugh Tyrrell – The Baron of Castleknock  and  Robert the Bruce !

Sadly nowadays it is in ruins, and not open to the public.



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