Vegan Dessert Table

Vegan Chocolate Cake, Vegan chocolate truffles, and vegan choc dipped "honeycomb"Vegan Lemon cupcakes, cakepops and pear tarts.Vegan Dessert Table2014-05-10 15.18.08

A lot of chefs run a mile when they hear the word Vegan. I on the other hand was excited by the challenge of creating a vegan friendly dessert table. Part of my training in Bonnie Gordon College prepared me for special diets, so I began researching and testing recipes immediately!
Finding substitutes for butter, milk, cream and eggs wasn’t difficult, but getting them to have the same consistency and taste as regular dairy / eggs was a little trickier.
I tested some of the recipes 3 / 4 times, adjusting the quantities of this and that until I was happy they were just right.
All in all, I was pretty happy with myself and the end results, as the non vegans enjoyed the dessert table just as much as the vegans, and as I returned to the venue the next day to collect the cake stands, I found a group of guests having vegan chocolate cake for breakfast!


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